Multiplication by Sharing


Zebie’s focus is on growth. Growth of welfare and prosperity.

Growth is maximal if all necessary growth conditions are met.
loosely based upon Liebig’s law -

The (social) environment is an important factor for growth. Zebie wants to involve them in the growth process as much as possible.

Multiplication by Sharing

Zebie enjoys working with partners on projects that contribute to growth. Once a project is mature, it moves on to grow on its own.

Knowledge and experience is transferred to apprentices, students and starting entrepreneurs. They can use this for their (personal) growth.

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Erik Zevenbergen

Tom Breuker

Pieter Nierop

Ronald Jansen

Paul van der Plasse

Marlon Drinkwaard

Niels Gruppen

QRadar specialists

Online Social temp agency
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Real estate Philippines

Offering the best mobile search option in the Philippines for your next vacation.

Veenzoom 132, 2804CL Gouda, The Netherlands, +31(0)618501780. Zebie is a trade name from E.H. Zevenbergen Holding B.V.